Sales & Marketing Workshop

Friday Sept 29th - Sunday Sept 31st

Day 1

Digital & Print Marketing

Start: 9AM Sharp
Finish: When we are done!

Main Topics:

Google Adwords Implementation

This will be an A-Z training on Google Adwords! This is high level training and I will walk you through it step by step. You are going to learn how to drive targeted traffic to your website with laser focused campaigns. We will discuss keywords, split testing, targeting, demographics, landing pages, …..

SO, bring your laptop! We will open your adwords account (or create a new adwords account) and go through the entire process of setting your adwords the RIGHT way to AVOID paying the “stupid” tax with incorrect settings. We will also go over ad management to increase your click-through-rates, quality score, and conversions.

We will get your REMARKETING campaign launched. This is the cheapest traffic you can buy!

Direct Mail Bootcamp

This marketing classic is alive and well with nearly ZERO competition! Most photographers are focusing on social media (which we should be too) BUT I like marketing where other are NOT or won’t! Mailbox marketing flat out works. I make 5X – 10X my investment every year! What IF you could do a direct mail marketing campaign and it cost you NOTHING – I will show you how to do that! We will cover direct mail to build your repeat and referral based business, and drive your session count with targeted mailings! By the end of this training, you will be adding direct mail to your marketing mix!

Day 2

Sales Training & Practice

Start: 9AM Sharp
Finish: 5PM

Main Topics:

Sales Training & Practice

TRAINING:I will walk you through a super simple in-person sales system…. we will go over word-by-word, gesture-by-gesture. When to stand, when to sit, when to explain, when to listen, when to shut up, … You will learn exactly how I am about to 30-45 minute sales sessions 95% of the time. Quick and Easy! We will talk about tone of voice, cadence, the importance of a logical sales/presentation funnel, how you need to kept arrows in your quiver, price list design, …

PRACTICE: This is where the rubber hits the pavement! I am told at EVERY workshop, “George, this is the MOST valuable training I’ve ever received in photography.” THIS practice is KEY. Most people start out scared and timid like a kitten but leave the workshop a LION. We will practice in-person sales sessions over and over and over. Fine tuning YOUR version of my sales process. I am VERY VERY VERY good at coaching this process.

PRACTICE: You also get to watch OTHERS practice. We ALL learn something.. perhaps a new phrase we can use, or way to say something. Watching others be critiqued and coached WILL help you too! The value of this practice can be understanded!

Day 3

Sales Training & Practice

Start: 9AM Sharp
Finish: 2PMish

Main Topics:

Sales Training & Practice

Continuation of yesterdays training!

The second day of practicing is always better. Most participants will practice together at the hotel Saturday night. Further refining their skills. By Sunday, you will be crushing the sales session process with sky high confidence you may have never experienced!

Feel free to schedule your flight back home Sunday late afternoon. evening. We usually get done about 2PMish

More Details


Friday Sept 29 – Sunday Sept 31th 2017


$900 Per Person


George Dean Photography: Portrait Studio

4210 North Interstate 35, Denton, Texas 76207



Fly in Thursday.

Fly out Sunday late afternoon/evening.

Workshop Size:

9 Max = Lots of Attention & Practice!

Hotel Recommendation:

Fairfield Inn There are cheaper hotels near.

Workshop Overview

Advice from participants:

ADVICE from one workshop participant: “It’s a great time, George is fun and easy to talk to. He has many many gems of wisdom and common sense. There are many Georgisms that will haunt you!! Ask questions, he has the answers.” Elayne Mullenix

ADVICE from ANOTHER participant: “Come with an open mind. I specialize in Baby’s and I thought there is no way I can sell collections to them, so I put it on the back burner… But my babies grow up and I do a lot of children sessions too. So now I am selling them to the children sessions, seniors and family. We decided to start offering wall collections and have sold one to every client since then! Thank you! Misti Carlton”

Read these comments:

Gary Box said, “When it comes to marketing and sales, George Dean is a FORCE. His knowledge, enthusias,m and ability to teach it is a win-win-win. If you need help in these areas, George is the guy.”

Robyn Fear of Haute Dog Photographer said, “Hands down the greatest investment I have made in photography business/marketing education! George Dean is an amazing mentor. I received fully personalized attention to all of my SEO, direct mail, and product pricing needs and have a list a mile long to implement changes and improve my business. George Dean’s studio photography work with Dallas high school seniors speaks for itself, but learning how he identifies and reaches his target clientele to bring them in the door left me with so many “ah ha!” moments. I have taken a number of workshops and trainings – “investing” thousands of dollars only to receive generic, low level information. George Dean is not “just another workshop,” he is an absolute master of his craft and his willingness to share his wealth of knowledge is unrivaled. This workshop is worth every penny – you can’t afford NOT to take it.”

Shawn Wright (a 20 year+ studio) said, “I have never heard what you are telling us. I have been to every workshop under the sun and your way of thinking is like nothing I have experienced. Its a totally different way of thinking.”

Paul Floyd emailed me this morning, “My sales are usually around $850 but last nights was $1400 including the session fee but not tax!! I think this could really work!!! Thanks for everything.”

Danielle Hankinson emailed me, “I had a $3200 sales last night! YES!!! Thanks George. Here’s how “George was with me” during sales. When I met the 2k mark instead of stalling I kept selling and got it over 3k. Old me would’ve thought shit that’s a lot of money and stalled, after George, it’s not my money, let em spend what they need.”

HK Barlow said… “If you attend a George Dean Workshop, you will discover a new concept in presenting your work in a manner that is silently selling from the moment a client makes first contact.”

Elayne Mullenix said last week “a new way to sell that isn’t painful and tedious! A method that is best for both you and your client. How to simplify the sales process and your business and to realize you need to change what is wrong when you see it (and to be looking for those things) and not let it go!! You may already know it, but then you will rediscover how important it is to pamper & thank your client and a special way to do it. And the necessity of staying in touch with them afterwards!! There really is much more as well, I’m always thinking of little things I apply that I learned from his class but these were the ones that affected our bottom line the most. Thanks as always, George!!”

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