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Studio Lighting Workshop

Studio Lighting Workshop: July 29/30

Link —> Studio Lighting Workshop

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Photography Marketing Bootcamp
Sales Training Workshop

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“Learn my super simple sales system to increase your current
sales average (without increasing your prices) to fuel better marketing
that attracts better clients, more referrals, & more repeat business.”


3 Day Marketing & Sales Training Workshop/Practicum
Day 1: Marketing in Depth (Bootcamp Style)
Day 2 and 3: Sales Training & Practice (Caring Loving Coach Style)

Denton (Dallas) Texas
Friday Jan 13, Saturday Jan 14, & Sunday Jan 15, 2017
Fly in Thursday. Fly out Sunday late afternoon/evening. DFW or LUV
SMALL GROUP: 10 Max = Lots of Practice!
Hotel Recommendation: Fairfield Inn There are cheaper hotels near.

$900 per person.

Workshop Overview

QUESTION #1: Do you need photography sales training to increase your sales average?
QUESTION #2: Do you need a marketing plan to boost session count, referrals, & repeat business?

If so, this workshop is for you….

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Phone: 940.300.5347
Email: george at

the topics

Some of The Topics:

Sales Training AND Practice – TWO days of practice & critique!
Boost Your Sales Without "cheesy sales techniques" or "Overcoming Objections"
How to Give Your Clients What They Deserve!
How to Get Amazing Client Experience Emails (just look on my website to see examples)
How to Create An Emotionally Bonded Experience
Discover My Step-by-Step Customer Management System
How to Design a Simple Price List
How to Get Quick 45 Minute Sales Presentations
How I netted $24,528.12 From My Last Mailing
How to Get Tons of Referrals (lots of little things add up!)
How to "Complicate" (yes, complicate!) Your Business
Mindset for the Entrepreneurial Photographer
How to Use the "Artist Within" To Shape Your Sales Process & Results
Specific Low Cost Highly Effective Marketing Campaigns
How to Price Your Product (You WILL know this COLD!)
How to Break Your Sales Barrier & Stop Sabotaging Your Sales
Time Management for Photographers (People LOVE this one!)
Projection Sales Strategy & Techniques
How to Get Your Clients to Send You Referrals
How to Deserve Referrals & Repeat Business
plus a TON more…

some details

You will learn to MINUTIAE detail of a sales process. The exact scripting,
the words, the pauses, when to sit & when to stand, how to command a
sales room, how to sell from the position of expert, how to groom the
client from first contact, how to attract your ideal client, dissecting the
four phases of the client experience, and a ton ton ton more.

You not only learn what to do BUT the psychology behind it! You will learn
things I have TESTED in my studio. Things aren’t done just to be done,
they are TESTED. I know this flat out works.

Does my sales method work? The Mullenix’s added (I think it was $600) to
their sales average IMMEDIATELY from returning from my workshop.

Lynn Watkins of Georgia’s first two sales were DOUBLE her normal average her very
first try at implementing my system. “First sale of today, they walk in and
see the new look of the studio and first words were, ” This is gonna break
us”….sale $2780… I hate to keep sharing my sales and I will stop after today,
but I’m doing everything George said to in his workshop and it really does
work!!! This is my highest sale ever!!! I’ve got two more today! Mark your
calendars and go to the workshop at GK’s in Louisiana. You cannot afford
NOT to go!! Trust me!! I was very hesitant to spend the money to go, but
I bit the bullet and did it and now I’m reaping the rewards of the lesson

Kelly Stratmeyer said, “Wanted to let you know that I had my first senior
client to whom I presented the new price list and used the presentation method
that you taught me. My average senior last year spent $607. This sale was
$1895. I think that will cover my seminar expense and then some. Thank you so
much for what you teach. You just may have saved my business.”

In fact, my sales method can cut your WORKFLOW in half in all honesty.

I am HUGE on building a repeat & referral based business. You will leave
KNOWING where your marketing system is failing you. You will have a
plan and know exactly what you need to implement immediately.

my big promise

First of all, I can’t help you get the ‘low spenders’ to invest more BUT I can show you raise your middle and upper end clients by having a system that ALLOWS to invest more. Most sales system STOP people from spending more. I will show you how to LET PEOPLE invest more when appropriate.

You will be able to implement a simple step-by-step client management & marketing system and sale process in your business that will increase your sales average and get clients to send you referrals and return to your studio for additional work.

My simple sales system has nothing to do with selling at all AND if you will implement this system the need to traditional selling, closing techniques, and “overcoming objections” is erased. FWIW, Howard Barlow said, “The ideas you presented are so simple and obvious, I guess I just never saw them. When you previously spoke of raising the sale by $100’s, if not $1,000’s, I thought, “Yeah, right.” Well, you convinced me. I will be implementing these ideas immediately.”

This workshop will get rid of the head trash & poor strategies that are sabotaging your sales & marketing process. FYI, If you implement the “Micro Marketing Campaign”, I PROMISE & cross my heart you will have MORE sessions next year than you have THIS year. It is so simple, if you ONLY did this ONE thing, it will pay for your trip MANY MANY times over!

You will leave with specific activities & marketing strategies you can immediately put to use in your business, thus nearly ENSURING that your business and personal life will thrive like it never has.

You will return home with renewed vigor & a spring in your step. Poor results in your business is typically caused by NOT KNOWING what to focus on. You will be handed a clear blueprint to use in your business. In fact, many participants are implementing the VERY day they discover this information.


who is George Dean

Hi, I am George Dean. I own a small studio in the Dallas TX area. My studio is 1150 square feet right off the major interstate in my town. I mainly photograph seniors, weddings, and headshots.

Want to see my thoughts and philosophy? I recommend you join my photography training site. There is TONS of great training videos on there.

My main website is


when is the next workshop?

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